About the band


Steve « Serpent » Fabry : Bass player- Singer

Yannick Martin : Drummer – Backing vocal

Simon Charlier : Lead guitar


Sercati was formed in 2009, after a recording session between Steve Fabry, Damien Snyers & Nicolas Lahaye. Some songs were created and recorded for half a year, and published as a first demo simply called « Sercati ». A second demo « The Night Stalker » was recorded shortly after.

Contacted by Carlo Bellotti Publishing, the band released « Tales of the Fallen », a first full lenght album, on Casket Music (Copro records) (recorded in 2010). For this, the band was in need of a drummer. In november 2009, Yannick, a good friend of the band, joined them.

Leaving Casket Music in 2012, Sercati signed with Grom Records for a re-release of the first album and the production of a second one. As Damien and Nicolas left the band, the second album « The Rise of the Nightstalker », released in 2013, features Steve, Yannick and Jonathan Mazzeo as session guitarist.

Looking for new members, Sercati welcomed for a short while Florian Hardy (2013) and Olivier Clément (2014). The present members include Simon Charlier, who joined in 2014 guitar teachers.

Meanwhile, an EP called « In the shadows of sidewalks » was released in 2015 on WormHole Death, including recordings from the 2013 session.

Beside of Sercati, an ambiant project called « The Nightstalker » has also developped.

Sercati is endorsed by : Hotone, IK multimedia, Pork Pie, Tone Gear, No Logo Picks, Joyo audio, MSM workshop and Skull Strings.