• Falling on Earth

1. The time is come
2. Light becomes dark
3. Darkness in my heart
4. Floating in the void
5. Forgotten hope
6. The great war
7. Everything turns into dust
8. Breathing in the shadows
9. Light at the end of the fall
10. The Earth

Depressive illusions records

  • In the world of the anesthetist

1. Breaking reality
2. Welcome in my nightmare
3. Alone in my own limbo
4. Return of an old ennemy
5. Syringes instead of fingers
6. Lost in my own limbo
7. A death without reaction
8. The path throught the poison
9. A way to get out
10. Back under the rain

Kalpamantra records

  • Paradise lost

1. The pit of hell
2. Altar of demons
3. They darkned the land of Nile
4. Fallen angels in a distant Earth
5. The snake’s deception
6. Before and after the human
7. Reflected in a mirror of sins
8. Paradise lost

Eighth tower records