Let’s wish you all a happy 2019 (or in whatever year you feel you are),

The best way to do it was releasing a new promo…

Dear audience, we’re very glad to introduce you the CATHARTIC BOMB of the story… who’s so pissed off she needs to kick some serious ass !

This one is taken out of our last album : « Devoted, Demons and Mavericks » and she’s one of the mavericks. She’s got matters to settle with the Nightstalker and with Lucifer… Who’s she ? Well… The answer is in the previous EP « In the shadows of sidewalks ».

Hope you’re gonna enjoy ! Happy 2019 again (or 1440… or 5779… or…)


Long time since I’ve posted something here.
Too many things to care about, and we’re only humans…

As Steve did post a piece of news about that back in november, here’s a reminder : The short movie is out since halloween (of course).

Find it here on WormHoleDeath – and the video trailer on our fb page :

(There’s very little of blood in it (really!), yet fb found it was already too much. Finally, it has been accepted. Yeah… metalheads are naughty boys !!)


20 juillet 2017 / July the 20th, 2017


Hi serca-mates ! We’ve been in studio for nearly 2 weeks now, working on the upcoming LP. More than time to write some news !
We’re back to J. Mazzeo’s strategic studio : a key-element for any album. Recordings themselves are about to be finished (hopefully on saturday), yet we got many arrangement ideas to be tested. As I write this, Simon’s plugged (or, more specifically his guitar is) and playin’. Lucas, whose rythmics are done, has change role to become our own special coffee engineer (italian blood can’t be denied).

About the music itself, I can tell this is gonna be epic. No quiet song in this one, it’s battle time ! Drums and bass as heavy artillery, guitars all over the songs, martial vocals… There’ll be angel and demon blood before the end !
The artwork is also in progress. Got to be a smashing cover. Hope you’ll enjoy it.
And now to something completly different…

14 mars 2017

A new review of our second album

Chroniques albums cd – detail

06 Mars 2017

New interview

Band der Woche: The Nightstalker / Sercati

Enjoy !!!

01 Mars 2017

Hotone Audio (creator of hot sonic tools) has recently endorsed Steve Fabry from Sercati (melodic black metal from Belgium). You can check him out on Hotone Audio’s artist page here:
Hotone artist page/Steve Fabry