Steve « Serpent » Fabry

Steve Fabry was born the 29th of april 1985, in Verviers. He always lived with music, as his father was a sound engineer, and he had drums lessens from 6 to 9. He also learns, with a teacher, the piano in the « Conservatoire de Liège » but stops when he is eleven. Then he begins to play the guitar, but only one year, and by himself. Last but not least, he learns violin during six months but stops six months after. He falls in love with the bass guitar when he is fivteen and play with a band for the very first time at that age. He plays in twenty bands during the following years and tries Black Metal for the first time with the band Ooirim. Now he plays in « The Nightstalker », b-side project relative to Sercati and of course « Sercati ».